The Moorings Website Review & Ratings + The Moorings Coupons
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The Moorings Website Review & Ratings + The Moorings Coupons

The Moorings : Products & Services is a privately owned company of husband and wife, Charlie and Ginny Cary. It was first a hobby of these couples that turned into a vocation. It offers boat vacation options such as bareboat yacht charters, Luxury crewed charters to powerboat charters. Offers yacht charter destinations to Caribbean, Far East, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, North America and South Africa. also offers charter yacht of your choice, choose from Exclusive plus, Exclusive or club options, with this option you can also choose the size and destinations you want with its yacht option. You can also opt to earn bareboat sailing or cruising certification through an accredited Offshore Training school of Moorings. You can charter and captain a Mooring yacht with this Experience required option where you will be evaluated by sending a resume online on what size of yacht you can captain. Finally, it has Moorings merchandise store where you can find items for souvenirs and collections.

The Moorings : Company Background is more than 40 years in the business of chartering yacht. It first started with their very 35 foot Pearson yacht. On Charlie’s 50th Birthday he turned down his promotion and decided to make his hobby a vocation. In July 4, 1969 the journey of The Moorings began in the British Virgin Islands. The couples Charlie and Ginny Cary started the company with a cruise throughout the Caribbean. It is headquartered at 93 N Park Place Blvd Clearwater, FL 33759.

The Moorings : Customer Feedback & Reviews

Reading through the comments left by the customers of The Moorings, they seemed to be okay but not until 2012 where there were many customers who complained about the status of their boats there seems to have many problems with its maintenance and including the boat itself has lots of problem, the interiors also has problems. There was this on customer who complaint that they were robbed while on cruise. But the most alarming package. There was this one customer complaining about the behavior of the captain who ate their supplies and used their rented car. The company should deal and give proper action to the kind of misconduct.

The Moorings : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness is not an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. SAIL has named the founders Charlie and Ginny Cary in Sail’s Top 40 Sailors Who Made a Difference. The boats on yacht ownership program has won "Boat of the Year" and "Best Boat" awards. Other than this, did not receive any certifications, associations and accreditations.

The Moorings : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

According to the data of is ranked 233,474 globally. Roughly 55% of the visits are one page view only and are bounce visits. This website is under Fleet Operations category. This website is based in the US and visitors on this website are disproportionately high income and highly educated. It is ranked 103,197 in the US. Google ranked this website 5/10. With the data on it shows that this website has 8,625 unique visitors and ranked 157,323 by UVS.

The Moorings : Social Media Presence has a facebook fanpage account with 21,670 likes and 622 are talking about this. On its account on twitter, it has 559 followers, 356 tweets and 20 are following. On its youtube account, it has 30 videos uploaded with 101 subscribers and total 91,699 views. does not have blog on its website but it has a press release once every month.

The Moorings : Website Security & Safety is currently not included among the suspicious website of Google. Of the 3 pages tested on this website over the past 90 days, none has resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. It was last visited by Google on 12-22-2012 and suspicious content was never found on this website within the past 90 days. This website was hosted on 1 network including AS14618 (AMAZON). Over the past 90 days, did not appear to function as an intermediary in infecting any websites. This website has not hosted malicious software over the last 90 days.

The Moorings : Pricing & Packages

Compared to other bareboat companies, prices for its sailing vacation is generally more expensive than its competitors. The price of your package will depend on what type of boat you will be chartering, number of persons, sailing dates and destination. It offers captains reward which gives you 5% discount on your next sailing. If you have coupon codes, this a give you another savings.

The Moorings : Shipping Rates & Policies

Shipping does not apply to this company.

The Moorings : Payment Methods Accepted

In booking online, only accepts payments made through all major credit cards such as Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. Other alternative payment options such as PayPal, debit cards, EbillMe, BillMeLater, E-Check, EFT, Qpass and other payment options other than major credit cards mentioned above are not accepted.

The Moorings : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

For bareboat charters, cancellation made 90 days prior to start of charter will be charged $400 per boat and no refund if cancellations are made within less than 90 days from start of charter. For group charters, charters cancelled more than 180 days prior to the start of charter will be charged $500 and 100% of your deposit will be charged for cancellation of charters within 180 days prior to start of charter.

The Moorings : Product images & screenshots
The Moorings Coupons
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